AlNiCo Cow Magnets

Part Name: AlNiCo Cow Magnets

Magnet Material: AlNiCo 5

Diâmetro: 12.7mm / 0.50inch

Comprimento: 76.2mm / 3.00inch

Cor: Prata

Peso da Unidade: 70g

Cows have been known to accidentally swallow nails, staples, and bailing wire while grazing, then caused hardware disease and thus loses her appetite and decreases milk output or ability to gain weight. Cow magnets are a type of veterinary medical device which utilized to attract and remove stray metal from the folds or creatives of the rumen and reticulum. As the earliest available commercially permanent magnetic material, Ímãs AlNiCo have been already served as ímãs de vaca more than 30 years. AlNiCo cattle magnets are mainly utilizing AlNiCo 5 grades and magnetized via axial direction.