Ferrite Cow Magnets

Part Name: Ferrite Cow Magnets

Material magnético: Ferrite

Diâmetro: 15.875mm / 0.625inch

Comprimento: 76.2mm / 3.00inch

Cor preta

Peso da Unidade: 73g

Doença de hardware is most common in dairy cattle but is occasionally seen in the beef cattle. Hardware disease will occur as a result when cows swallow metallic objects while grazing and thus lose appetite and decrease milk output. Cow magnets were served as a tool to save the lives of the cow, and it can be classified to Ímãs de vaca AlNiCo, ferrite cow magnets, and NdFeB cow magnets according to the magnetic material used. It should be also noted that ceramic cow magnets are brittle and may break when dropped on the hard surface.