Laminated Neodymium Magnets

Rare earth permanent magnets have significantly enhanced performance of permanent magnet motors and made it widely served in every area. Most of these rare earth permanent magnets are belonging to Ímãs de neodímio which have relatively high coercivity, remanence, electrical resistivity, and low heat resistance. Eddy current loss of the Ímã de neodímio is relatively low compared with the copper loss and iron loss in the most cases. For high speed motors and high power density motors, eddy current loss of the ímã de neodímio will result in rotor temperature rise and irreversible demagnetization would take place in the ímãs de neodímio, then further affect motor performance. Laminated Neodymium magnets made by magnet segmentation solution are a practical solution to find a balance between the trade-off between power and heat without changing composition of magnet, motor’s structure and performance. Laminated Neodymium magnets are mainly served to axial flux motors in aircraft, motor sport, and automotive.