Ímãs táteis

– Constructed with Neodymium magnets allowing it to securely hold weapons weighing up to 30 lbs. Suitable for both parallel and perpendicular mounting.

- Compatível com quase todos os tipos de armas, incluindo revólveres, CCWs, rifles, espingardas, pistolas, revólveres e revistas.

– Durable and lightweight silicone pad and ABS cover allowing for safe, quick, and easy mounting without scratching, moving, and spinning.

– Double-sided adhesive tape, 2 heavy duty self-tapping screws, and 2 plastic anchors for quick, easy, and secure installation to avoid tactical magnets falling.

– Allows you install and conceal tactical magnets on any flat surface, including vehicle, wall, desk, door, safe, and bedside.

Instrumentos de Instalação

Solução sem perfuração com fita 3M

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the gun magnet and desired comfortable mounted area by rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.

Etapa 2: Remova o revestimento protetor da fita 3M.

Step 3: Stick 3M tape on the gun magnet.

Etapa 4: Remova o revestimento protetor vermelho da fita 3M.

Step 5: Stick the gun magnet to the desired mounted area and secure it firmly in place for at least 60 seconds.

Solução sem perfuração para ímã de arma

Solução de broca com parafusos auto-roscantes longos

Etapa 1: marque a posição dos parafusos autoatarraxantes.

Etapa 2: pré-furos para parafusos auto-roscantes.

Etapa 3: Colocar âncoras de plástico nos orifícios.

Step 4: Fixing the gun magnet in place and screw down the self-tapping screws.

* Consulte a solução sem perfuração se você usar fita 3M simultaneamente.

Parafusos auto-roscantes longos